Grooming Products For Men Sees Explosive Popularity Growth

People did their best to keep themselves healthy and good-looking for as long as they knew what ‘healthy’ and ‘good-looking’ meant. The ideals changed, but general principles remained the same for hundreds of years, as well as the majority of personal care devices.

Recent years, however, saw the rise of dozens of new gadgets, both completely new and variations on the age-long ones, using the latest innovations for everyday tasks.


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Here we’ve prepared a list of the most interesting and useful personal care gadgets you may find interesting.

1.     Beard Trimmer

Although an enormous unchecked beard may look hilarious, it is not a very good choice for everyday life. Society has a very definite view on how a well-groomed man is supposed to look like, and while your wild facial hair may do alright in company of close friends, it may very well cost you a job interview, or alienate new acquaintances, or something else along the same lines.

That is why if you are going to grow a beard you should first take care to buy the best beard trimmer you can find – one purchase will make an easy and clean procedure of keeping your facial hair in check and making it stylish.

2.     Blue Light Anti-Acne Device

Anybody who has or ever had problems with acne knows that it can turn your life into hell. They look disgusting, they leave ugly scars and have an uncanny habit of appearing en masse just before an important public event. Most people get rid of them more or less permanently after reaching adulthood, but in some cases they may pester somebody for their entire life.

No matter which category of people you belong to, you will benefit from ClearWave Phototherapy System. It is easy to operate, and it neither uses any chemicals or drugs nor damages skin; it relies on blue light to eliminate the acne-causing bacteria.

3.     High-Tech Hand Massager

If you have to type a lot (or do another work requiring manual dexterity), you are probably familiar with pain in joints and muscles that comes from overworking your hands.

Sharper Image Hand Massager has been specifically designed with this in mind. It massages hands with the help of air pressure, compression and infrared heat, all of which are easily adjustable. In a matter of minutes it can deal with a day’s worth of tiredness and ache.

4.     Futuristic Nail Clipper

If you think that some things are just too simple and time-tested to be changed or modernized in any way, here is something for you: the world’s fanciest and, arguably, best nail-clipper, the Ultimate Clipper by Kilhip. Surgical-class stainless steel, stylish design, unimaginable precision and general air of a luxury item (with a price tag to match).

5.     Ultra-Violet Toothbrush Sanitizer

Do you know that after a short while of using the same brush cleaning your teeth with it kind of defeats its purpose? All the germs you remove from your mouth settle down on it, multiply and bring friends around – as a result your hygiene tool turns into a real breeding farm for all kinds of nasty wildlife.

Violife offers an easy and beautiful way to rectify this – Ultra-Violet Toothbrush Sanitizer. It is enough to place your toothbrush inside for several minutes for it to kill the vast majority of germs living on it. It doubles as a toothbrush holder, as it turns off automatically after doing its job.

We hope that at least some of these nifty and sleek new gadgets will find their way into your household, making your life cleaner, healthier and tomorrow-er!

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