Increasing the Savings and Decreasing the Expenses: Advice from Move Your Money

These days we can use all the help that is out there, to help us save money and decrease our expenses. We all want to keep as much money that we earn or receive in our banks and wallets, rather than losing it to increasing costs and prices.

There is a site that covers just this topic. It is called Move Your Money. At first glance, it may be confusing, understanding what Move Your Money is all about, but if you read their mission statement, it all makes sense. The description of the site is “… your home to compare coupons, credit card deals, travel and much more!”

What You Already Think About (But Don’t Know How)

As consumers, we tend to enjoy our credit cards, whether using them offline or online purchases. We have all heard that it is better to have a lower interest rate on the credit card(s) we use, but do we know who offers those lower-interest credit cards? Do we understand all of the fees that may exist? Maybe we understand the concepts, but just don’t have the time to research it ourselves. That is where a site like Move Your Money helps to identify credit cards that we may want to consider, especially to replace the higher-interest cards that may be in our wallets now.


Fixing your own broken gadgets (if you can) seems like an obvious area for saving money, but also the purchase of these refurbished toys, gadgets, computers, is another huge area of saving money. Sometimes these items that are “refurbished” are simply a case of a laptop that has been returned after it was opened, but maybe not even turned on and can no longer be sold as brand new. In that case, the purchaser is receiving a large discount because of a dented box. Rather than just going out and purchasing something that is refurbished, a trip to Move Your Money helps you to understand what to expect and how to get the savings that you know exist out there.

What You Hadn’t thought About Before

There are other areas to save money, too, like airline travel. Oh, we know about the use of sites like, but there are some strategies that do not come to our mind right away, like volunteering to get bumped, or complaining when there is poor service. That is just the type of information that Move Your Money gathers for you, coming up with a list of ideas that can help you save (or not spend!) even beyond what you had thought of off the top of your head.

Health benefits are another area that the Move Your Money project covers. This helps you to save your health, but it also helps you to save money by not having to pay for the high cost of poor health, later in life. At the least, it is an opportunity to extend the inevitable so that there is more time to enjoy the money that is being saved. Some of the tips include diabetic tips to lower the blood sugar levels (lowering the expenditures that happen as a result of a diabetic life of high blood sugars or blood sugar swings). These types of tips may be helpful to non-diabetics, as well. Other areas include replacement of soda with water, even if it is partial. These are just two examples of health tips that Move Your Money presents on the site.

This gives you an idea of obvious and maybe not-so-obvious areas for saving more money in your piggy bank or wallet, so that you can spend it on fun activities and toys for yourself (or giving to your favorite charity). Move Your Money Project has even more ideas for you and bookmarking the site helps to keep you “in the know” on the ideas that are best suited to your needs.

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