Vampire and Horror Movies Display Ability To Intrigue Multiple Generations

Vampires have been an extremely popular topic in entertainment for the last few years – after being a niche theme for a long time, they made a major comeback in 2008 after the release of the first Twilight movie; since then it feels that whenever you turn you are bound to bump into yet another bloodsucker.


And it feels like we are having an especially hot season for vampires right now. Despite the fifth film in Twilight Saga being presumably the last one, it seems that Stephanie Meyer, the author of the original book series, isn’t going to let its heroes to lie peacefully in their coffins – it has recently become known that we are in for at least six short films dealing with their exploits, according to Hollywood Reporter:

“Six screenplays for short films featuring characters from the Twilight universe have been chosen as part of a project called “The Storytellers: New Voices of Twilight Saga”. Each script had to focus on one character from The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide and take place before Bella (Kristen Stewart in the films) arrived in the town of Forks, Wash”.

Those who like their vampires a little bit less sparkly also have something to wait for: The CWs “The Vampire Diaries” is going to have a full-fledged convention in downtown Atlanta March 6-8. It is not the first year the convention is held; what makes it special is that it is the first time it is going to happen exactly where the show is shot.

The show’s two main stars, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, are expected to be guests of honor, along with a number of supporting cast members.

Gaming world, however, lags somewhat behind. There is Immortal Day, a quite solid browser game about vampires, and a host of third-rate fan-made flash games, but in genres that are more conventional there wasn’t a single big release worth mentioning for years. Nosgoth, a long-awaited by the fans follow-up to the famous Legacy of Kain series, turned out to be something completely different from what it was expected to be and, all in all, a rather mediocre affair, and it is the closest there was to a big vampire game for years.

But all in all, it seems that the vampire fad is still there and isn’t going to fade away right now.

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