Thinking Of Moving This Spring, 12 Questions You Need To Review With Your Perspective Real Estate Agent


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by Tim Smith

Whether buying or selling, you need a professional by your side who is as passionate about your success as you are. To determine if he or she is fit for the job, here are a few questions to keep in mind.

  1. How long have you been a realtor? 

Generally speaking, you want someone who has been around the block. Pun intended! Ask about their experience with similar homes. Since the housing market varies from mobile homes to million-dollar mansions, it’s crucial to work with a seasoned agent in your targeted area.

  1. Do you have references available?

Many accomplished agents have a list of customers who are willing to share their experiences. Talking with past clients provides a unique and valuable point-of-view.

3.How do you communicate?

In this digital era, communication is no longer restricted to the phone. Not only should the mode be established, but the frequency of contact should be questioned as well. Since offers are made, accepted or rejected in minutes, communication should be consistent and often. The best type of agent will ask you what method you prefer and abide by it.

  1. Where will my property be marketed?

Houses are advertised through more than just printed flyers. If selling, ask your potential agent if your house will be listed on various websites, including his personal social media accounts.

  1. What will it cost me?

Depending on what side of the process you reside, this may be an important question to consider. Keep in mind that the commission amount often reflects the quality of work you will receive.

  1. How knowledgeable are you on the current market?

The housing market seems to change as often as a traffic light. You need someone you can rely on to stay on top of such developments and trends.

  1. When does our contract begin?

Most real estate agents require an arrangement, whether you are a buyer or a seller, to ensure they are paid for their work. Ask about ease of termination and any fees that may be involved if you decide to go a different direction.

  1. Is your license in good standing?

Life happens, and agents have been known to let their licenses expire. Be sure to address this seemingly obvious point to avoid enduring an invalid transaction.

  1. On average, how long does it take you to sell a home?

A skillful agent should provide such statistics. Compare his rates with the overall sales in your community as well as with any other agents you interview.

  1. Will you work with me exclusively, or do you represent both sides?

Since several agents serve both parties, you need to know where his allegiance lies. The decision to work with a double agent has its pros and cons, so you need to decide if it is conducive to your particular situation.

  1. Regarding the homes you have sold, how close were the selling prices to their original asking prices?

Important to both buyers and sellers, this information reveals his negotiating skills and knowledge of comparable prices.

  1. What have I not asked that I need to know?

This allows the agent to address any common issues or concerns of which you may not be aware.

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