Talking race and “blackface” in opera: the long version

By Anne Midgette Today’s Washington Post features a conversation between five opera singers about race in opera, motivated by the Metropolitan Opera’s decision to stop using “blackface” in its new production of Verdi’s “Otello.” The following is a less-abridged transcript of the same conversation, the gist of which was that the opera world has a ways to go in terms of racial awareness, but focusing on supposed “blackface” in “Otello” isn’t necessarily all that helpful. Biographies of the five singers involved in the conversation — Alyson Cambridge, Soloman Howard, Kenneth Kellogg, Deborah Nansteel, and Russell Thomas — appear at the end of the article; Thomas’s comments were submitted by e-mail, and interpolated into the discussion.Read full article >>

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Source:: Washington Post

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