Tips For Starting 2016 With A New And Healthier You

As the New Year approaches and the holidays come to an end, millions of men begin finding themselves unsatisfied with their excess body weight or poor physical condition at the turn of the end of the calendar. About a third of New Year’s resolutions include making fitness and weight loss their primary goal. Are you currently nodding your head that you one of them? Although your dream of a leaner and a more fit you may take time, your objective is still noble (if accomplished!) and will do wonders for your health and life.

However, many males approach this new fitness plan with the wrong mindset and end up struggling to reach their desired goals. However, being fit does not have to be an all-consuming and excruciating endeavor. For the average male, a good fitness program consists of exercises that work out the entire body. But as many people know all too well, it’s not that easy to start a fitness program and make it a routine, particularly for males that are out of shape or inconsistent. Not only is there a workout to begin, but there’s a diet to plan too.

The health and wellness pros from NuMale Medical which helps Men who are dealing with weight loss, low testosterone and aging issues helped identify some great tips for helping achieve your fitness and health goals in 2016. Below are a few key steps they identified to help you accomplish fitness goals for the New Year:

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Step #1:
Assess where you are now, and then break it into actual and achievable goals. Your goals should highlight one small physical goal and one small nutritional goal, just to get your started.

Step #2: After you have written your goals down, take a couple of minutes over the weekend to plan your food for the upcoming week, find out how many meals you’ll be eating, make a list, and then go to the grocery store.

Keep in mind: Consulting with a professional dietitian for nutrition advice may help you as well. Healthy and clean eating is a critical component of a good fitness program. If you’re working out a lot but not properly nourishing your body, you are actually putting your entire workout and fitness plan at a disadvantage.

Step #3: As you are trying to figure out what workout plan works with you, remember if you are looking to achieve maximum benefits, so focus on working out the larger muscle groups (trunk, thighs, chest, back, and abdomen). Studies suggest that starting out with a set of 8-15 reps of one exercise twice a week will provide your body with maximum benefits.

Keep in mind: if you are completely unsure about how to perform certain exercises, consult with an expert immediately to ensure you don’t injure yourself. Many men try to start a fitness program on their own and attempt things that are not targeting their long-term results.

There’s a whole workout to begin, and the diet to plan, too. Starting a new fitness program and sticking with it is a very possible New Year resolution. But as many people know all too well, it’s not that easy to start a fitness routine, particularly for the out-of-shape and the inconsistent. However, it’s never too late to start a healthy life. Start the New Year right, and make health your priority!

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