Zero Percent Credit Card Promotions till 2018

Many credit card companies are offering credit cards with zero percent introductory period to make it more affordable to own a credit card and lock in a great way to save money for all of next year. Consumers this fall can take advantage of a number of promotions to not only save money throughout the holiday, but for all of 2017. The following list provided by the balance transfer zero percent deals comparison website list the top six credit cards with zero percent APR introductory period.

1. Citi Simplicity
Citi Simplicity offers one of the longest APR interest free introductory period, 21 months long for balance transfers and purchases. It does have a 3% balance transfer fee but it is worth considering transferring your balance to the card because of the long introductory period. The card does not charge any fees such as late payment, annual and penalty fees.

2. Citi Diamond Preferred Card

Just like Citi Simplicity card, Citi Diamond Preferred Card offers a 21 months introductory period and charges a 3% fee ($5 minimum) for every balance transfer. With Citi Simplicity card, you will get access to Citi Private Pass and have the privilege of buy pre-sale tickets. City Simplicity card also offer concierge service and earn rewards points through Citi Easy Deal Points.

4. Citi Double Cash Card
Citi Double Cash Card is a cash back card by Discover that offers an 18 months introductory period. It rewards you with a 1% cash back when you buy something with your card and another 1% cash back when you clear the balance on your card. It only offers cash back rewards on purchases and not balance transfers. To take advantage of the zero percent APR, you must transfer your balance within 4 months. It waives the first late payment fee. The card also feature Citi Private Pass where you have access to VIP packages.

5.Chase Slate

Chase Slate is a cash back credit card with a 15 months introductory period on purchases and balance transfers. Chase Slate has been rated by Money Magazine as the best balance transfer card for 4 consecutive years. They require you to transfer your balances to the card in 60 days from the time of the account opening if you want to be waived for the balance transfer fees. The card has no annual fee. You won’t get charged with a penalty APR when making a late payment. You can qualify for Chase Slate with a good credit.

6. Discover it

Discover it cash back credit card offers a 6 months introductory period for purchases and 18 month introductory period on balance transfer It gives you the opportunity to earn 5% cash back on quarterly rotating categories for up to $1,500. It does not charge any annual fee. It is suitable for people who have fair credit with a credit score of at least 670.

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