Outlook For 2017 Flu Season Has Doctors Thinking About Flu Shots and Alternative Remedies

The World Health Organization is in deep preparation for the 2017 flu season and there is wide speculation of the severity and risk with this years potential flu cold. Many Doctors over the past two years are beggining to explore alternative health remedies versus simply offering a flu shot as an alternative. One of the new popular remedies is using a mushroom called Reishi, which has been thought to be a very useful herbal mushroom, which was first used for multiple of medicinal purposes in China. In China, it’s called Lingzhi. Its biological name is Ganoderma lucidum. People throughout the world now drink Reishi mushroom coffee, which is a combination of normal coffee bins and Reishi mushroom extract. There was a time when Reishi mushroom was not available abundantly. Its use was restricted within the upper class of the society and royal families. Now, this herbal mushroom is cultivated in different parts of the world, as a result, its benefits are known to everyone. This herbal mushroom is now used in different foods and dietary supplements.

General health benefits

The major ingredients of Reishi are some complex water soluble carbohydrates called polysaccharides, proteins, amino acids and triterpene. Several studies have shown that the polysaccharides present in Reishi are the most active elements found in this product that have anti-cancer, blood pressure controlling and immune modulating effects.

Another major active ingredient are triterpenes, called ganoderic acids that help to protect the body from common allergies by preventing the release of histamine. It also improves liver function and keeps the digestive system in the best condition.

Regular consumption of Reishi can boost the body’s immune system and improve blood circulation considerably. As blood circulation improves, individuals feel highly energized and mentally focused in every job they perform. Generally, Reishi is recommended as an immune modulator, adaptogen, and a general health tonic. Reishi is also used to treat anxiety, depression, stress, high blood pressure, liver dysfunction, hepatitis, bronchitis, and asthma etc.

Specific health benefits

In some pioneering studies it is proven that Reishi is effective in reducing risk factors associated with cancer and heart diseases.

In cancer, some of its benefits are as follows –

  • It inhibits rapid growth of tumor cells.
  • It helps to enhance effectiveness of chemotherapy agents, like cisplatin, in the body.
  • Strengthens the signals of mitogen activated protein kinase

In several cardiovascular diseases Reishi mushroom has been found to be an active symptom improving agent as it–

  • Lowers the levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
  • Elevates HDL cholesterol level.
  • Increases RBC and improves their oxygen carrying capacity.
  • Controls the use of cellular energy in the heart.
  • Controls the blood platelet level.

Thus, the two most life threatening diseases are largely controlled and symptoms of these diseases are improved with the help of Reishi mushroom.

Preparation of Reishi coffee and tea

Reishi mushroom coffee and tea are commercially available everywhere now. However, experts advise to prepare such coffee or tea at home, which they opine will be much more beneficial than the readymade Reishi coffee and tea. Reishi extracts in tincture form is available in the market. In one cup of freshly brewed coffee one tablespoon of Reishi tincture can be added to prepare a healthy drink. In the similar way, Reishi tea can also be prepared. Some individuals even prepare Reishi tincture from the herbal mushroom directly at home. It enhances the effectiveness of the mushroom manifold.

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