How Medical Professionals Use Dogs To Aid Common Mental Health Disorders

There are millions of individuals in the United States that suffer from one mental health disorder or another. Unfortunately, many of these diseases go undiagnosed and they’re capable of impacting the patient’s life for the long run. Mental disorders, such as stress, anxiety, and depression will not disappear without proper care and treatment. With this in mind, more and more medical professionals are turning towards alternative treatments to help their patients cope with their mental anguish.



Although there are numerous mental health disorders, anxiety can be downright debilitating. Those inflicted with anxiety tend to remain nervous throughout the day and often want to remain locked away in their homes. There are pharmaceutical medications that can help, but they come with devastating side effects. More and more medical professionals are turning to canines as an effective treatment for anxiety. According to the latest the Dogtor online reviews, the presence of a dog can have a calming effect on the patient. Simply seeing the dog or giving him or her a quick rub can help to neutralize the patient’s nerves.


Medical professionals are also beginning to implement the use of service animals to treat insomnia. A lack of sleep can truly wreak havoc on the patient’s mental and physical welfare. It can decrease the functionality of their immune system and leave them more vulnerable to disease. Suffice to say, getting a sufficient amount of sleep each night is pertinent. According to reviews, service animals can be immense beneficial for insomnia sufferers. These animals can calm the patient and lull them to sleep. When the patient rubs the dog and watches him or her drift off into a slumber, they’ll also become tired and this may help them fall asleep much sooner.

The Dogtor Online is undeniably a good solution for insomnia, anxiety and other mental disorders. And, medical professionals are beginning to utilize such techniques, because they’re far less risky than pharmaceutical drugs.

Providing Companionship

Many veterans are left alone to deal with their mental illness, which can be very overwhelming. With no friends or family members to lean on, the veteran will have nowhere to turn. This is where emotional support animals come into play. These animals are trained to assist individuals with mental illness. They provide continuous companionship to the individual, when they need it the most. Just having a canine around communicate with and listen to your woes, will make you feel 100% better. Knowing that the pet is by your side will definitely boost your emotional and mental status in more ways than one.


As owner of an emotional support animal, you could potentially benefit from the pet companionship. These animals are very helpful in helping individuals cope with depression. Interacting with pets can reduce tension and improve mood, which is exactly what these individuals need. Domestic animals offer uncomplicated love relationships, because they never complain, argue, or ridicule. An animal’s love is worth millions to individuals that have no family members or friends to rely on. Having a canine will mean that you are forced to get off the couch. Both you and the pet will get more physical activity, which in turn will boost the brain chemical, dopamine.

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