Six Ways to Make Money While Traveling The World


One of many ways you can make money while traveling the world is travel blogging. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to write about travel. Choose a subject that interests you – something you are passionate about which will hold your interest, even when money may not be coming in.  No matter which direction your blog takes, there are always opportunities to earn money.

Here are some of the ways blogging will allow you to make money while traveling the world.

Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is one in which the content has been created specifically for an advertiser. These can range from creating a general blog post and placing an embedded link back to a targeted website, to a promotional article endorsing a product or brand.

Depending on the quality of the website, bloggers can earn anywhere between $50 and $400 per article.

Mentorship Programs

Once you’re an expert blogger, you could use your knowledge and expertise to coach others that want to do the same. Blog mentorships and coaching consultations are fast becoming viable business options.

Being a Travel Blogger brings with it a number of interesting challenges, the biggest of which is probably how to manage your time. Researching and reading up on ways to improve productivity while travelling will be time well spent and will help you achieve that fine balance between doing all the fun things, and earning the money that will allow you to continue to do so.

Contextual Advertising

Google Adsense & Mad Ads Media are two of the big players in the Contextual Advertising game. The only difference is that Google Adsense pays per click, while Mad Ads Media pays per views. Contextual Advertising only really becomes worthwhile if you have at least 15k visitors a month. Mad Ads Media pays on average US$1 per 1000 views, which would make US$50 if you have at least 50k views per month.

Affiliate Advertising

More and more companies are offering affiliate programs, where you are paid a percentage of each sale referred from your website. Once again, you need to determine whether a partnership of this kind will be beneficial to both parties and is related to your brand and readers.

Direct Advertising

Once your website becomes popular, you’ll start receiving advertising offers regularly. When considering these offers, keep the purpose of your blog and your brand in mind. There is no point to advertising products that are not interesting to you or your readers and are not related to your brand.

Freelancer / Fiverr

Travel blogging can open the door to a range of paid freelancing work. If you’re a good writer, start pitching story ideas from your experiences and destinations to magazines and newspapers. If you’re a good photographer, sell the photographs you take.

Think outside the box and sell yourself and your specific skillset. Freelancer and Fiverr are websites where you can offer your services at a fee. The range of services offered is comprehensive and growing daily.

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