Upcoming Super Bowl Will Be A Test To Local Security and Law Enforcement

Hundreds of thousands of Fans will begin arriving in Houston this weekend in anticipation of next weekends Super Bowl. The event is jammed packed with VIP’s, sports fans and spectators around the world. There are over 1000 events in the city of Houston over the next 10 days and this will place an enormous strain on the cities legal community to try and keep everyone safe.

Security guards are undeniably some of the bravest people on the planet. These individuals go to work each and every day knowing they’re putting their lives at risk to protect others. Just recently, several security guards throughout the nation have made big headlines for their brave efforts. Others have hit a roadblock in Boston. Just recently, it was announced that the security guards, who are responsible for patrolling the TD Garden, would no longer be able to deal with homeless individuals. This comes after a private security guard was accused of attacking a disabled homeless.

On Thursday, transit officials announced that private security guards would no longer have the rights to remove homeless individuals from the commuter platforms and waiting areas around the TD Garden complex. Instead, the area’s MBTA Transit Police is expected to pick up the slack. Beginning on Monday, law enforcement officers from the Transit Police will enhance their coverage of the station. It will become their responsibility to deal with the area’s homeless population. The deal was finalized with a phone call between the president of the TD Garden, Amy Latimer, and MBTA’s general manager on Thursday.


Hundreds of thousands of spectators attended the presidential inauguration on Friday. With so many people in attendance and nearby protests, security had to be tight. The federal government called on National Guard soldiers from various states, including Virginia, Kentucky, Arizona, Louisiana, Iowa and Pennsylvania, to provide security. The United States Coast Guard and 28,000 law enforcement officials also provided security for the Trump inauguration. The executive protection services were part of a comprehensive security operation to protect the waterways around the district and people. The security team did their job, because the event went off without a hitch. With the Super Bowl just 9 days away, all eyes will be on Houstons, let us root for not only a great game, but a week that is without incident.

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