10 Plants That Do Well in Condos


Living in a condominium has a number of unique challenges, with limited space and natural sunlight being two of the most common.

There are many clever ways to enhance the space in your home and although there isn’t a specific formula when it comes to designing a small room or home, there are a few keys to success. Using bright colors for painting and furnishing, embedding multi-purpose furniture and utilizing unconventional hidden storage are some ideas that you may want to use. Paintings, graphic art, flower arrangements and plants can be added for a comfortable feel and personalize the space in any way you can think of, without overcrowding it.

Incorporating plants into your home décor will not only make your apartment feel more welcoming and alive, but they will also purify the air. Keeping plants alive can however be a challenge, especially when space and natural sunlight is limited. To make this easier on yourself, carefully select special and very sturdy plants that will do well in an apartment.

  1. Ficus Tree – Ficus Benjamina

If you have enough room for a full tree, the Ficus is ideal. Also known as the weeping fig or Braided Ficus, this attractive plant is low maintenance. The braided trunk does however not occur naturally. Its multiple trunks can be weaved together to grow into a permanent braid when the plant is young.

  1. Succulents

Succulents remain a universal favorite. All you need to keep them going is a little bit of sunlight and water once every other month.

  1. Bamboo

Bamboo is considered a living example of the feng shui elements of water, wood and earth, and only needs water and shade to survive. Bamboo is meant to create a positive living environment and if you place your bamboo in the correct pot, it can introduce fire and metal to complete a balance of the five elements.

  1. Cacti – Cactaceae

Cacti are available in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes and sizes. They are easy to care for and if you have a window in your apartment, it is likely you will be able to provide these plants with everything they need to thrive.

  1. Pothos – Epipremnum Aureum

This leafy green plant is perfect for hanging baskets, or as a climbing plant. Their purifying qualities allow them to strip and absorb toxins like formaldehyde, often found in common household items like area rugs and carpets.

  1. Snake Plant – Sansevieria Trifasciata

Snake plants are extremely tolerant and can withstand weeks of neglect without losing their shape and fresh look. This makes them are ideal for the novice green thumb, as they are able to thrive in environments with very low light and water.

  1. ZZ Plant – Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

ZZ Plants are considered by some as the “Houseplant of the Future.” ZZ Plants require less light than most other plants, only have to be watered three times per month and rarely attract pests.

  1. Iron Plant – Aspidistra Elatior

Iron Plants can add a visually striking aesthetic to any dark corner with their dark leafy greens. They have an affinity for low lighting and can survive with very little water and poor soil.

  1. Spider Plant – Chlorophytum Comosum

Spider plants fall into the low light category. They self-propagate by sending out offshoots and do well when their roots are crowded, making them the perfect companion for any apartment, whether planted in a bundle or on their own.

  1. Peace Lily – Spathiphyllum Wallisii

The Peace Lily has long dark green leaves and elegant white flowers. This beautiful plant is great for small spaces and requires very little sun for survival. Direct sunlight can actually damage the plant’s foliage, hence it has the nickname “Closet Plant.”

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