What Consumer Marketplace Nerdwallet, Bankrate or Credit Karma Offers Insurance Tips

Out of the three major consumer information marketplaces we studied, credit karma, Bankrate and nerdwallet there were only two that seem to have a focus on helping consumers navigate insurance. Nerdwallet and Bankrate offer insurance tips. Nerdwallet is an authoritative site that provides expert tips on various types of insurance including auto, life, home and health. You can browse all their insurance tips articles by going to the insurance section. The insurance section covers various topics including basics of different types of insurance, and how to save money on insurance.

Nerdwallet also provide an insurance rate comparison tool that allows you to compare quote from dozens of insurance provider including auto, life and health. The Nerdwallet car insurance comparison tool allows you to compare more than 60 auto insurance providers. Its life insurance comparison tool lists price quote from over 30 life insurance companies.

You can get an insurance quote by completing three steps. The first step is to fill in your basic information such as postcode. It will then show the price estimates of the premiums from a list of companies. It takes just a few seconds to receive the estimate quote on the insurance premium. After you have selected the insurance company, you will be connected to the agent to discuss about the insurance premium in more details.

On Nerdwallet, you can find reviews on popular insurance companies such as Geico, AllState, Progressive and Statefarm. The review is detailed with experts giving rating of up to 5 stars to the insurance provider. They let you know the overall level of customer satisfaction on that insurance company. They also provide information on how many complaints the insurance company have based on the latest date pulled from the insurance association. Besides, they also inform you about the financial strength of the insurance provider so that you know whether the company is financially stable in paying off your claim.

Bankrate offers information on the basics of various types of insurance including life, dental, flood, medical, car, home and private mortgage insurance. The insurance section on Bankrate offers more than 1,000 insurance articles for you to browse. All kinds of topics are covered including insurance policies type, how to buy an insurance, how to evaluate an insurance, how to get rid of private mortgage insurance, insurance myths, and high deductible health plan. Bankrate regularly updates their insurance section with new articles every month.

There is a life insurance calculator which you can use to calculate how much life insurance to purchase. To use the life insurance calculator, you have to answer a series of questions such as how much is your estimated burial expenses, how many years of income do you want to replace if you are to die today and etc. Besides the life insurance calculator, Bankrate also offers annuity and subsidy calculators.

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