How To Build Trust Among Consumers In A Crowded Business Space

The trust of consumers seemed to plummet in the age of the internet review as a consumer that had a bad experience with a product/company can voice their opinions from others to see. Companies that continually created poor quality products were rooted out regardless of how incredible their return policy might be. Building trust among consumers as a company is not something that is going to happen in a week or even a month. This is a long process but the following can help expedite this with hard work and attention to detail.

Put A Focus On Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction needs to be a focus in a crowded space as a competitor with an inferior product can attract customers as they make them feel valued. A great example of a company that has earned the trust of its customers is that of GhostBed. They are in a space where their competitors would rather throw money into marketing than into creating a quality product. This is why they will continue to do great things in this niche as customers that have a bed last for 20 years are sure to go back to the same company that provided them decades of comfort.

Monitor/Reply To Reviews Online

Online reviews can be seen by anyone online so it is easy to deduce that consumers will take a look at potential companies they would like to use and look at their reviews. Reviews that are bashing the company need to be handled with tact as this shows care about the customer. A properly worded response can allow the company to salvage a customer as well as showcase their care for the customer. With this being said replying to positive reviews is just as important as customers showing appreciation should be acknowledged. Social media is another place consumers flock to voice opinions so a customer service rep should have access to these accounts to reply to negative posts about the company. Most people just want to be heard or given a discount for their next visit so keep this in mind.

Partnering With Trusted Influencers

Influencer marketing can be the perfect way to gain the trust of followers of an influencer. The right influencers only partner with quality brands that they support while others partner with any brand willing to give them money. The ability to sift through these types of influencers is important as they will offer little in terms of ROI. Influencers that engage with their followers through comments and have created a sense of community can be perfect to partner with. The creation of the content should be up to the influencer with the final approval of the brand. This allows the influencer to create content that is in line with what they usually produce making it look extremely natural to their followers. The influencer understands in a better way of what their followers like and respond to so their creation of the content could help clarify the direction the brand should be taking with a specific demographic. Building trust among consumers in your company’s target demographic needs to be done with tact. Over the course of time the trust built will become far harder to damage. This is the recipe for having customers that come back for years or even the rest of their lives.

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