Virginia rally: thousands protest against gun control bills

Armed guns rights activists gathered in response to strict laws pledged by state’s DemocratsTens of thousands of armed gun rights activists gathered in Virginia’s capital on Monday as the governor declared a state of emergency ahead of a huge protest against strict new gun control laws pledged by the state’s freshly elected Democratic majority government.Chanting “We will not comply” and brandishing rifles and ammunition, many in combat gear, the noisy rally began on Monday as fears that it would turn violent, like the deadly 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, appeared to have discouraged any counter-protests.Monday’s protest by early afternoon was peaceful amid the plethora of firearms, even relatively calm with the large number of police noticeable for the fact that they were not wearing riot gear despite the intimidating atmosphere.The presence of thousands of armed citizens outside the elegant state capitol building was meant as a warning: Democrats, not just in Virginia but nationwide, should back off attempts to pass sweeping gun control laws.Early in the morning, two men pushed through the packed crowd in bright red T-shirts that read “Make Politicians Afraid Again”, with the image of a military-style rifle underneath.After so much public attention to the risk of violence or conflict at the event, by Monday early afternoon the rally was seen as a victory for gun rights activists, who had said for days that politicians’ fears about the event were misplaced.Conservative pundits were already touting the non-violent gathering as evidence that law-abiding gun owners are not a threat to the public, and that the placid gathering of thousands of armed Americans should be seen as evidence that the ubiquity of guns themselves is not the problem in a country plagued with high numbers of daily shooting deaths.The protesters on Monday were overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly …read more

Source:: Yahoo News

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