Councillors Want Bylaw To Regulate AC Unit Placement

ac unit bylaw

With summer coming up around the bend, many of us will begin dusting off our air conditioning units in preparation for the unbearably hot days of July and August.

Unfortunately, along with the comfortable temperature your air conditioner brings comes a whole lot of noise, as well. While you may be fine with the trade off, your neighbors – who are exposed to the noise of your air conditioner but don’t reap any of the benefits – might find it disruptive to their daily routine.

City officials in Saskatoon have introduced legislation to figure out a way in which you can literally keep cool while your neighbor figuratively does so at the same time.

The proposed bylaw involves determining where in a home air conditioning units can be placed, as well as the maximum volume these units can reach. Specifics regarding the laws were not immediately available.

Saskatoon officials polled eight other Canadian cities, and found that six of them have similar bylaws on record. These include regulations that state that units must be placed a specific length away from a neighboring home’s windows and doors, and that they may not be any louder than 60 decibels at nighttime.

The proposed law would only affect new homes being built, but if your AC needs a repair and  is so loud that  your neighbors start to complain, you might want to get it looked at, anyway.

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