Vision Deteriorating After RK Surgery? LASIK Can Help


When your vision starts to deteriorate, it can get in the way of just about every aspect of your life.

Sure, you can get your doctor to prescribe glasses or contacts for you, but both of these options come with certain lifestyle changes. You’ll either have to constantly keep track of the last place you put your glasses, or get used to poking yourself in the eye every day for the rest of your life.

Perhaps you’ve skipped right over these options and went straight to radial kerototomy, a surgical procedure involving corneal incisions. While RK can have immediately positive effects on a patient’s eyesight, it is only a temporary solution: Eventually, the person’s nearsightedness will return.

With LASIK surgery, however, patients can be absolutely certain their eyesight will remain corrected as the years go by.

Unfortunately, many patients are under the misconception that they will no longer be a candidate for LASIK if they have had previous RK surgery performed on their eyes.

This is not the case. Though a previous RK may make LASIK surgery a little more difficult for your opthamologist, it won’t make it absolutely impossible.

Best practices for post-RK LASIK surgery involve using an ambient light for refraction in order to closely mimic the daylight your patients will be exposed to on a daily basis. By doing so, your patients’ pupils will dilate similarly to how they normally do when exposed to sunlight.

Allowing patients to undergo LASIK surgery will ultimately improve their quality of life. Make sure they know when it’s an option.

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