Saginaw’s House of Leaf Cigar Shop Disappears


It looks like the residents of Old Town Saginaw will have to find a new cigar lounge or vape shop to kick back and light up in.

A little more than a year after opening, the House of Leaf cigar lounge on North Michigan Street has closed up shop.

While it’s not completely out of the ordinary for new businesses to shut down, what’s mysterious about the closing of the House of Leaf is the way in which it happened.

One day, it was a cigar and billiard lounge. The next: completely desolate. The shop’s sign had been taken down, its furniture and decorations had been removed, and the lounge’s owner, Kory Veitgruber, was nowhere to be found.

The business’s social media pages are just as desolate. Though still active, the last post on the lounge’s Facebook page dates back to April, a month before the business closed up shop. The only mention of the lounge officially closing is on Yelp, where customers had reported it having shut down.

Prior to its mysterious disappearance, the House of Leaf’s Facebook page was fairly active, with patrons complimenting Veitgruber on his accomplishments, and Veitgruber advertising specials and events. For many, the House of Leaf seemed like a welcome addition to Saginaw.

The seemingly impromptu closing is even more surprising when considering the fact that Veitgruber is a Cuban-trained cigar roller, as well as another link in a long-running chain of businessmen within the family. He clearly had the passion and know-how to make his business work. Here’s hoping he and his cigar shop will be back sometime in the near future.

The cigar lounge was just one of many new additions to Old Town Saginaw. In recent years, the area has seen a hair salon, yoga studio, pizzeria, and guitar shop – among many other businesses – sprout up. Hopefully these offerings to the community stay around for a much longer time.

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