Hurricane Florence Weakened to Category 2 Hurricane

Hurricane Florence was reported to have Category 4 strength on Monday but it has just recently downgraded to Category 2 with maximum sustain 110 mph winds. According to the latest forecast, the storm is heading northwest at 17 mph to Carolina coast. It is currently located at 280 miles east southeast of Wilmington. The storm eye deteriorating but this does not mean that you should not take it seriously, most experts are still predicting record flooding and storm damage.

Even though the hurricane strength has weakened, the wind field is increasing in size. This means that it still has the potential to cause storm surge and rain fall. According to the National Hurricane Center, Florence may slow down but it will stall rain as soon as it arrive on Carolina coast in between Friday – Sunday.

Last year, Hurricane Harvey caused a devastating flood situation in Houston by stalling rain. Slow moving hurricane can also be dangerous by inundating the region with continuous rain and water pushing inland from storm surge. Strong winds will be present throughout the storm causing trees to fall. It is possible that the hurricane will stall 20 – 40 inches of rainfall enough for causing river to overflow and leading it to a flash flood situation.

There are many rainfalls recently and the ground is already wet. For this reason, the ground will not be able to take in as much water and more water will be left standing. Florence will stall because of a high pressure air on the north. There remains uncertainty on how wide the region will be affected by the hurricane. The situation will be even worse if Florence stalls offshore as it could increase the amount of precipitation when it make landfall on Carolina.

After telling more than 1 million people to evacuate, Governor Roy Cooper has opened at least 50 shelters throughout the state. There is a large shelter opened at Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Colisium in Windston-Salem. An evacuation order has been issued on Barrier’s Island in the state. The governor warns that Florence will unleash its wrath mainly on the coast but residents inland will also feel its impact.

Hurricane Florence can bring a catastrophic flooding that make history. You should make plans to evacuate the place now if you are living in a low lying area or near a large river. advise the people to get rid of lightweight objects like trash cans near the house and board up the windows. The setting of the freezer must be changed to the coldest option. You must also make sure that your cell phones are charge as the hurricane nears. If no evacuation order is issued for your area, you should stay at home. You must also inform your family member on your whereabout.

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