The Fascination with Classic Cars and Classic Car Clubs

Ask any classic car enthusiast and it is easy to see the passion in their eyes and the love for the car and for the process of dreaming, buying, and sharing, when it comes to the classic and vintage cars. The ultimate dream would be to be able to collect those classic cars!

There are classic car lovers everywhere around the globe. Not only are there many different people, but also different types of desirable cars.

One type of classic car is the “surf car” and this Huffington Post article shows high quality images of some examples of those surf cars from around the world.

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First Step: Get Started

Where can the budding classic car enthusiast start (if they haven’t already)?

There are many different methods of finding the classic car and generally speaking, when that passion is strong enough to find one, there are ways of fulfilling that dream, even if the person starts out with a smaller investment and moves up in classic car purchases.

Even Jay Leno has a garage full of classic and collectible cars and his garage holds 130 cars!

Many times, car clubs are the way to go, to find that car that is ready for purchase. Forums are another option. Car clubs are discussed below.

After acquiring that dream car, the new car owner definitely needs to ensure that they have it insured and insured by a company that understands classic cars and classic car insurance. While it would hurt the owner to see that cherished car harmed, it would hurt even more if there were no finances left over to fix it. That is where that insurance becomes a must-have, right after the classic car purchase.

The Car Clubs

While it may not be necessary to have a classic car before joining a classic car club, it is definitely more enjoyable. Also, the car clubs offer options for adding to the classic car collection.

Now that there is a car in the driveway (or, more preferably, the garage), it is time to show it off. Many locations have special events where classic car owners get together and show off their prized possessions.

For those in the United Kingdom, there are helpful car enthusiast links and resources courtesy of British Car Week. On that site, there is also information about the upcoming British Car Week in 2015.

There are classic car clubs by make and model of car, like the Mercedes-Benz Car Club and MX-5 Car Club. Another excellent club is the Triumph Sports Six Club.

For those in the United States, Good Guys offers a directory of car clubs broken into three categories, based on the car type/year. Another club in the United States it the Sports Car Club of America.

For a global listing of car clubs, broken into car club name or car type/year, visit the No matter who you are, or what you own, it is thrilling to be a classic car enthusiast and to congregate with others who share the passion. Go out, enjoy, dream, and meet new people. You never know when that dream will come true. And what better way than having some fun along the way.

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