Spring Weather Means It’s Time For New Fashion Will We Step Back Into The 70’s

Spring is finally here, and it’s time to freshen things up. The nicest way is to start out with your wardrobe – pick a totally new outfit and feel a newer version of your beautiful self. The realm of fashion offers an immense diversity of trends to choose from. It’s fun to add new features to your look every now and then, isn’t it?

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In SS2015, the 70s obviously come back into the spotlight. Naturally, you don’t have to follow the 70s fashion code to the letter, but adding a season’s favorite or two will spice up your appearance and mood.

Denim is certainly having a revival: it comes in versatile shapes and sizes, from billowy to slim, and gives plenty of room for experiment. The hottest are denim dresses (preferably of a classic cut), skinny distressed jeans (slashed to whatever degree you prefer, from subtle to daring), overalls, and flares (not the rocking bell bottoms, however).

By the by, flares will surely demand proper footwear for the right look. You obviously can’t wear stilettos all day; sneakers won’t do at all, and neither will high boots, concerning that it is getting warmer. To show off your flared jeans the best way possible – and with a definite 70s vibe – look for platform boots, open-toed ankle boots and clogs.

Patchwork denim pieces are also a fad this spring and summer. Choose jeans with patches of any color or pattern that appeals to you (or decorate it yourself). A simple top will make an ideal unobtrusive addition.

Boho trend, also characteristic of the 70s, comes back with a new touch of elegance. Suede vests, accessories and footwear, peasant blouses with intricate woven patterns, tassel skirts and a palette limited to a few earthy colors: tan, cream, terracotta, burnt orange and black. Jewelry gives way to accessories to magnify the impact of your look.

As far as non-bohemian accessories go, this season’s heroes are bold and assertive in spirit, at the same time retaining the feminine charm and mystery.

Sunglasses mean not just eye protection, they’re all about making a stylish statement. If you’re on the lookout for new sunglasses, choose big ones, with a colored or patterned frame and arms – these give off a jet-set flair, making you the center of attention.

Platform sandals are a perfect match for a mini-skirt, creating a playful and daring look. Add a classic sizable leather bag to the mix, and there you go, all business-like but brilliantly lady-like as well!

There’s another trend, quite an unusual one for spring season: high collars. In contrast with too much sheer or bare, they instantly add upper-class chic to your appearance.

And speaking of high collars, If you are eager to wear your favorite summer dresses right now while it’s still cold, there’s a great fashion hack that makes it possible and keeps chills at bay. Just layer your favorite summer garment over a turtleneck jumper, be it a satin cocktail dress, a sequined chiffon jumpsuit or a sleeveless jacket, and celebrate the coming warm season right now!

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