Best Hotel Reward Cards To Celebrate July 4 Vacation Plans

Celebrating the 4th of July and joys of summer? The most popular rewards credit cards for every summer are vacation and travel based rewards or points credit cards. We reached out to the editorial team from BestCreditCards2015 to get some additional insight. Do you travel often for business or for pleasure? If so chances are you often stay at a hotel. If you prefer staying at a particular hotel chain then a hotel branded credit card would be a good credit card for you to consider. These credit cards tend to return a higher value than would an air mile credit card. You also can earn awesome perks and benefits such as upgrades, complimentary services, and even free nights as well as other assorted perks, just for having and using the card.

To pick out a good hotels rewards card, you should look for a card whose rewards for using it will be worth more than any annual fee it may carry. In fact you should try and avoid cards that carry an annual fee, especially if you have a s. When you have a good credit score your business is worth more than someones business with a poor credit score, at least as far as the credit card industry goes. Good hotel rewards cards will offer you points that can be used towards free nights at that hotel chain, and these points should be worth 2 percent or more than the cost of your purchases. The best cards will offer you elite status for their loyalty program, which carries special perks when staying at these hotels.

Do make sure that any credit card you are applying for includes an EMV smart chip
, if you travel overseas you will need this. If you do travel overseas often, avoid any credit cards which will charge a foreign transaction fee, as this can chip away at any rewards value you get. Luckily very few credit cards charge this fee anymore. You also want to make sure that the hotel chain for the co-branded credit card offers enough locations for you to make ample use of. It is hard to make it worth while if the hotel chain reward credit card you are applying for has few locations that you will utilize, so pick one and choose carefully.

On some occasions it may make sense to have more than one hotel reward card. For example if you travel worldwide, and stay at hotels often enough it may make sense to have up to 3 of these cards, all for different chains that you prefer. This is especially true if the card in question offers a sign up bonus, if you can meet the prerequisites for the sign up bonus that is. The only thing you need to be aware of and careful of when applying for multiple credit cards is your credit score, and being aware that applying for multiple cards at once can lower your credit score for a short time, from 6 months to 1 year, due to the hard inquiries that will result. If you stay at multiple hotel chains, having the cards for that chain helps in that you will receive the perks that the given card qualifies you for. These perks vary by chain but can include things such as late check outs, free breakfasts or free wifi.

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