How negative keywords can help improve your Google adwords ROI

Thanks to Don from High Level Marketing for giving us some great insights in helping small business owners to save money with their adwords and paid advertising expenses. You may not realize it but negative keywords can do wonders for your Google Adwords campaigns. There are three specific things that negative keywords can do for your adwords campaign and knowing what they can do will make a huge difference. It is important to first talk about what a negative keyword is, this means a keyword that has been set as an exclusion or that has been set aside to help narrow search fields and funnel only the most interested people to your site.


Negative keywords can first and foremost narrow the search field to exclude sites and searches that offer items and services that you do not offer. This means that just because you have a keyword that may show up in that search, it is not going to show your site in the search unless you do offer those services. This will help make the search process easier and will increase the traffic of those that actually want to see your site as opposed to those that may have just stumbled upon your site with no real intention of visiting it.

Negative keywords can also show your ads to people that are more likely to actually click on them. This means that your ads are not going to be wasted on people that are not going to follow them and that are not going to utilize what you are offering. This will greatly help to insure that your ads are as efficient and useful as possible and that you are getting in touch with the most interested customers that you can possibly find.

Lastly, negative keywords can help reduce the overall cost of your advertisements and your campaigns by making sure that the money you are spending is going to get you the return that you want. This will help insure that your money is being put to good use and that you are getting the most for the ads that you are placing and the money that you are spending. This will also make sure that your ads are being show to people that are more likely to use them and more likely to benefit from seeing them.

You can always get help from a professional if you have any questions that you are not able to answer on your own. There are plenty of ways that you can use negative keywords to help boost your Google adwords ROI and these are just a few simple ideas to get you started.

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