Security Guard Kidnapped in Conyers, 3 People Charged

As reported by three teens have been charged for kidnapping a female security guard that was working for a production company in Conyers. They stuffed her in the trunk and sexually assaulted her at gunpoint!

Two 15-year-old juveniles – Duwayne Fleeting and Jarius Shorter – and 17-year-old Justin Kohn were arrested Wednesday. Usually police officials don’t release juvenile’s names and photos but in this case they made an exception as both will be charged as adults. All three have been charged on multiple accounts; including armed robbery, false imprisonment, carjacking, kidnapping.

“She was working on a set as a security officer for a filming or production company,” said Sergeant Cory Hambrick. The victim was on patrol when the men attacked her in the town center.

“They forced her out of the vehicle at gunpoint, and of course then ordered her in to the trunk of her own vehicle. They then drove around for a while,” – Hambrick said

They went to an ATM machine where they took money from her account, then sexually assaulted her at gun point and finally released her.  She went on to call the police from the nearest gas station.

Being a security guard entails dealing with unforeseen circumstances which sometimes can’t be avoided. Proper training can go a long way, and in extreme circumstances can save people’s lives. Security guards can obtain training information in many ways, one of them being the local department of public safety (DPS), or via independent providers such as or Public Training Sessions. With additional challenges for security and police personal facing a backlash in the media on a regular basis, it is important that stories that cover both sides of the spectrum are discussed in the media.

In this story, the police were able to quickly track down the suspects thanks to quick thinking by the victim.

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