Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Holiday Spending This Year

The holiday season is fast upon us, and many of us are wondering how we can afford the holiday season this year, due to the economy or plain old just being broke. Did you know that you can save on holiday shopping this year without looking cheap or like Mr or Mrs Scrooge? The key to making the best finance decisions before the holidays, is having a plan, avoiding making bad finance decisions and finding the right deals online. It is true, there are ways to get everything you need done this holiday season, while being thrifty and saving a ton! here are my top holiday savings tips.


This website often has awesome deals. Take for example the Sony PlayStation 4 500GB System Bundle with Destiny: The Taken King, normally this costs close to $450, yet with Groupon it costs only $399.99 a savings of $50!, this is one of the more higher end items, they also have 5% cash back deals on this website. They cover a wide variety of items and products, as well as services. For even more savings take advantage of these deals using a cash back or rewards credit card, then pay off the balance in full during or before your grace period.

Triple dipping and quadruple dipping

Triple dipping is the ultimate shopping trip. How it works is you stack your savings up 3 times. Start by finding discount gift cards, websites like sell gift cards up to 35% off. You then use these cards to shop for your gifts, but this is only dip #1. Dip #2 takes place when you use a coupon code when online shopping for an even further discount. You can often find these coupons via online coupon websites. You can even sign up for email and text alerts with many of these websites, alerting you to time sensitive deals. Your third dip can happen if you shop through sites like, which reward you for shopping, which you already plan to do anyway, so why not get a reward for what you already plan to do. if you shop carefully and smart, you can even get a quadruple dip by scoring free shipping. This holiday season fewer websites and merchants will be offering this, due to UPS and other shippers not offering discounts this year, but several merchants and websites still plan to offer this benefit this holiday season.

Make a List

Making a list will help you to see how many you are shopping for and to budget accordingly. Sometimes with the holiday season we need to see the stark facts in front of us. Can you really afford to shop for your nieces and nephews? If so write a budget and then look over your projected budget and compare this to your finances. You may find you need to make selective cuts towards your gift giving this holiday season.

Price match
We all have favorite stores, yet blind devotion to certain stores can cost us dearly. Many stores run sales and specials, and many also offer to match or beat a competitors price. You can use relate, which is am app that shows the best deals and savings for retailers in your area, it even lets you check their circulars for deals and coupons. It also allows you to compare prices.

Experiences Vs Gifts

If you are truly broke this year, you can still gift someone, and it does not have to cost a thing. You could offer to babysit, invite your loved one to a home cooked meal, make an item. The choices are limited only by your mind and imagination.

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