Treatment Options For Men Dealing With Low Testosterone Increasing In 2016

What Are My Low Testosterone Treatment Options?

For men who have struggled with weight control, sexual desire and energy, in 2016 options for dealing with these problems have increased. Finding the right solutions for regaining your youthful confidence have never been more available.

Low Testosterone Treatment (or Low T Treatment) options vary for every individual. In some cases, actual treatment is necessary, and for others, weight loss can be the best treatment. Low Testosterone in men is sometimes treated medically, with testosterone supplementation. In terms of how testosterone is delivered to the body, it can be done in a variety of ways, such as:

* Injections into a muscle that’s given every few weeks by a medical professional
* Patches or gels containing testosterone can be applied to the skin daily
* A tablet-shaped patch known as a buccal system that’s applied in the mouth where the gum meets the inside of the lip (must be changed every 12 hours)

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Keep in mind; it is necessary to have a follow-up blood test with your physician to ensure that you are properly responding to treatment.

For some men suffering from low testosterone, a simple change of lifestyle such as efforts to lose excess weight and exercise more can provide the same benefits. Also, when there is an underlying medical condition that’s contributing to low T, treating that condition alone can return the testosterone levels back to normal.

Risks of Testosterone Treatment

When testosterone is used to raise testosterone levels in men who are suffering from with age-related low T, it can come with risks that include:

  • If prostate cancer is present, accelerated growth can occur
  • Larger breasts
  • Acne/skin irritations
  • Low sperm count & production
  • Increased risk of heart attack or stroke
  • Worsened sleep routine
  • Low testosterone is is a medical diagnosis that could only be made by your physician and if medical assistance is needed, it can only be treated under their guidance. Benefits of therapy will include a growth and depth of your voice, development of pubic and facial hair, and increased muscle mass.

    For men who are exploring options to help regain confidence it is very important that they are meeting with Doctors and medical clinics that are specialized in men’s health and wellness. Innovative modern technology and workshops are created to help males finally feel vibrant and at their prime again. Depending on the low testosterone treatment you need, finding a solution that’s custom to you.

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