More Colleges Shifting Focus To E-Gaming, Odds-making and Casino Management

Many universities have opened up courses for students who are learning more about e-gaming and casino management. As universities work toward the changing global economy and shift toward online learning, they are also quickly changing their curriculum to gear towards millennials and students who want a career that doesn’t fit in the liberal arts education system.


At a popular university in Florida, called is known for developing students specifically for casinos. These popential jobs appeal to a wide range of students both young and old who are looking for a career or a career change. With many more states in the United States now allowing legalized gambling, and abundant opportunities abroad the potential for future job growth seems realistic for another ten years. John Rozier, with Florida casino careers, gave us an overview of their programs, inluding poker, craps, roulette and the most popular learning how to play blackjack. Students attend classes for upwards of twelve weeks for each of the most popular games where they learn all of the rules and get comfortable understanding the emotions of high stakes gaming. The game of black Jack is normally played on a semicircular table. The dealer of the cards will be seated on the inner side of the table and then all the players will be seated on the outer side of the same table. Depending on the rules of the gaming station, the players can either enjoy the game with just a single stack of cards or doing the same with several decks of cards at the same time. When playing the game, the cards are usually dealt by either the dealer or the players by use of the shoe.The main object of the black jack game is to have all the cards that you have to total to twenty-one or as close to twenty-one as they possibly can without it going over that number. Every other player starts with two cards then there is the house card that they are all playing against. This has two cards with one facing up and the other down, then the players play against this in order for either of them to win.

Could we see another shift in learning as video games, mobile media and virtual reality grow in popularity exponentially every week. With regulations shifting, and schools like ITT university closing down, the challenge will be for students to pursue programs with meaningful jobs upon graduation. For profit schools will be highly scrutinized, but meaningful programs are certain to be in demand.

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