The Future of Daily Fantasy Sports, Gambling and Revenue Growth for the NFL

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have no doubt heard of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and fell victim a few years ago to a dizzying barrage of television advertising between the two titans of DFS, FanDuel and DraftKings. However, since that time, state and federal authorities have stepped in and have either enacted, or are in the process of enacting, legislation to safeguard participants and level the playing field from novice players to high-end sharpshooters. Nevertheless, it is a thrilling hobby for those who wish to act as an NFL general manager pitted against other players who select their own team based on a salary cap.

This paradigm is not limited to the NFL, as DFS also encompasses the pool of players in the NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball, as well as a myriad of other sports including soccer and NASCAR. The future of Daily Fantasy Sports boasts unlimited potential with not only the rabid sports fan but the more casual viewer who is more interested in statistics than the players themselves. In essence, it is a game of skill that has been compared to sports gambling because to do either well, one must have a knowledge base of the players, the teams and the conditions set forth in each event. Though the United State government has been slow to acknowledge sports betting as a skill based endeavor, those who are professional sports gamblers understand that, like poker, it is a combination of aptitude and luck. The future of sports gambling is on the rise as it is no longer considered a taboo in contemporary society.

The revenue growth of the NFL is tied to both activities. Though the NFL hierarchy insists that sports gambling has no place in their league, it is also an open secret that the same industry that Roger Goodell has condemned is also responsible for the league’s meteoric rise and soaring television ratings. There is no doubt that Daily Fantasy Sports has also contributed mightily as it has attracted an entirely new audience to the NFL that didn’t exist before. The stat geeks and math whizzes who never gave a whit about sports have suddenly become part of the viewing audience by virtue of their involvement with Daily Fantasy Sports.

In short, the future of Daily Fantasy Sports, gambling and revenue growth for the NFL are all tied together and is a symbiotic relationship whether any of the parties care to admit it or not.

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