Social Media Creates Legal Nightmares For Parents

Nowadays, many school age children have smartphones that they take with them to school on a daily basis. As a parent, there’s nothing more alarming and also embarrassing about finding out that your child has been caught viewing pornography at school. After this happens, you’re faced with the unpleasant task of discussing the issue with your child. You also then have to try to get your child back in class to prevent the episode from detracting from their academic potential. In some situations you may need to hire legal counsel to fully understand all of your options and make sure that the allegations don’t create lingering complications.

The following are four steps to take if your son or daughter has been expelled from school because of smartphone pornography access:

Contact your school and your school guidance counselor – You’ll probably first be notified that your child was expelled by a call from your school. As soon as possible, get all the information available about the terms of your child’s expelling. Often, your child will be permitted to re-enroll after a certain period of time has passed or if your child undergoes some disciplinary actions or agrees to regularly visit the guidance counselor.

Discuss the issue with your child – This is typically the most difficult part of dealing with the situation. However, most parents have more trepidation than is necessary when talking to their children about sex. When discussing the issue of pornography access at school with your child, you need to determine if your child has an addiction problem. If this is the case, professional counseling and treatment may be necessary before your child is prepared to re-enroll.

Try to go through with options for re-enrollment – Obviously, you need to get your child back in school as soon as possible so that he or she can continue with their education. If your school has offered certain options for re-enrollment or has said that re-enrollment will be possible once a given period of time has passed, re-enroll as soon as possible or talk to your child about any disciplinary actions the school requires so that your son or daughter can re-enroll.

Consider other educational possibilities – If you cannot re-enroll, you may need to begin looking at other educational possibilities to keep your child on course academically. If there are no other public school your child can attend and private schools are un-affordable, consider homeschooling or taking advantage of some online schooling options that are available nowadays.

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