Badass dog chases a huge bear off its property

A doggo with a death wish had a standoff with a bear that wandered into its yard on Tuesday in Bradbury, California. The bear is apparently notorious in the neighborhood for terrorizing residents. On this particular stint, the bear took a dip in a pool, broke into a home and ate a family’s avocados, and had a face-to-face confrontation with a dog. The incident with the dog, named Ba Bao, was captured on camera from a news helicopter. In the clip, the bear and dog have a brief standoff at the edge of the property before the bear moves forward, entering Ba Bao’s lawn. SEE ALSO: Terrifying helmet cam footage shows a bear charging mountain bikers The pup retreated to the deck after multiple bluff charges from the bear, but when the bear turned its back and started to leave the property, Ba Bao charged. “What are you thinking, dog?” the helicopter cameraman can be heard saying. The bear left shortly after the charge, Ba Bao returned to its home. According to KTLA, Ba Bao, which means “meat bun” in Taiwanese, was adopted from the Palmdale Animal Control Center about a month ago, so it’s likely that this is the first run-in it had with the bear. “It’s very frightening of course. We didn’t expect this confrontation,” Eddie Hsu, Ba Bao’s owner told KTLA. “I have small children. They play in the backyard every day in the afternoon.” After the confrontation with the dog, the bear hopped a fence, knocked over trash cans and disappeared into the woods. WATCH: This smart pillow can track your sleep and gently wake you up

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Source:: Yahoo News

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