Democrats to Demand Votes on Trial Witnesses: Impeachment Update

(Bloomberg) — The U.S. House returns Tuesday from its holiday break amid the continuing standoff between Republicans and Democrats over how and when to conduct President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial.Here are the latest developments:Democrats to Demand Votes on Trial Witnesses (2:54 p.m.)Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Democrats will insist on roll call votes on whether to demand witnesses and documents during the impeachment trial.“We are telling our Republican colleagues, you can run but you can’t hide,” Schumer told reporters. “Will they stand for bringing evidence forward or will they be engaging in a coverup?”“Whoever heard of a trial without witnesses and documents?” Schumer said. He said there’s a “pretty decent chance” that enough Republicans will vote to call for witnesses and documents during the trial.The Democratic leader also said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “helped our case” by initially withholding the impeachment documents from the Senate. Her action kept McConnell from quickly dismissing the charges, he said, adding that during the past several weeks “a cascade of evidence” has become public to bolster the case against Trump.McConnell Says He Has Votes on Witness Issue (2:23 p.m.)Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he has the votes to start an impeachment trial without initially deciding whether senators will subpoena witnesses, as Democrats are demanding.The question of witnesses will be addressed later, after both sides have a chance to present their cases and senators have a chance to ask questions, the majority leader said. Democrats have sought a pre-trial agreement to call witnesses.He said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hasn’t yet sent over the impeachment articles, and he hopes to receive them this week. — Laura Litvan, Steven T. DennisMcConnell Says Pelosi Holding Trial Hostage (10:48 a.m.)Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to create a “pretrial hostage …read more

Source:: Yahoo News

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