Specialized Contractors Assisting With Cleaning Coronavirus In Buildings

The coronavirus has left the country in peril with many industries struggling to stay afloat amongst the fear and panic that has capitulated in the month of March. Businesses are turning to specialized contractors for coronavirus cleaning to help decontaminate and sanitize their properties. Jarvis Property Restoration has been fielding hundreds of phone calls at their offices in Michigan and Florida from business owners, property managers, nursing homes and municipalities according to Matt Jarvis a spokesman with the company.

The growing pandemic has crippled many aspects of the economy from travel to banking. One of the key strategies for keeping the overall economy from totally collapsing is working on areas of containment and incorporating social distancing. To help reduce the spread of coronavirus, the process of disinfecting buildings can help with killing airborne pathogens like the coronavirus.

Biohazard contractors are utilizing a variety of techniques in decontaminating buildings, including specialized sprays, thermo fogging and deep cleaning. Cleaning and disinfecting properties is important as new reports from the CDC indicate that the coronavirus has the potential for living up to 72 hours on hard surfaces.

For those attempting a DIY technique, the business insider offers some good tips for cleaning and disinfecting as well.

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