How to Hire Contractor to Clean Up Your Workplace for COVID-19

Now that coronavirus is trending, many cleaning businesses are getting a surge of calls. It will be convenient to outsource the workplace clean up job to a cleaning business as you may not have qualified in house staff to perform the cleaning. The following are 5 tips on how to hire a contractor to clean up your workplace for COVID-19.

1. Wear Protective Gear
Serious cleanup workers will wear protective gear during the cleaning process. Before hiring, make sure you ask what types of protective gear they wear. They should wear at least disposable face shield/N95 respirator mask, hand gloves, gown, and boots. The disposable PPE should be correctly fitted to the body shape of the cleaning staff. Disposable PPE is for single use only so they should dispose it after use into the waste bin.

2. Follow Proper Cleaning Procedure
The cleanup workers should carry out the cleaning according to the recommendations of the CDC and ASU Health Services. For example, pouring EPA registered disinfectant on a rag cloth and then wipe the surface gently. You can wipe the surface for the second time with another cloth that also have disinfectant. The surface should be allowed to dry after the second time of wiping. Disposable wipes should be placed inside a sealed ziplock plastic bag. The cleaning staff should wash hands and forearms after removing PPE.

3. Preparation of Solutions Before Beginning Work

Prior to beginning work, the cleaning staff should prepare the solutions of the detergents. The detergent solutions should be prepared with fresh tap water with the proper mixture. Alternatively, you can also use ready to use disinfectant solutions or wipes that are premixed. It is important that they use unexpired bleach and disinfectant for cleaning the surfaces. Spray bottles are not encouraged to use as they can cause aerosols. Instead, the staff should pour the liquid from the detergent bottle gently onto the cloth or surface.

4. Trained to Clean Your Type of Surfaces

You will want to hire cleanup workers that can clean the type of surfaces in your workplace. Some cleanup companies only do basic cleanup tasks of cleaning and disinfecting minimal contact hard surfaces with soap and water. It is more worthwhile to hire a cleanup company to disinfect all surfaces including frequent hand contact surfaces to ensure the area is properly cleaned from the COVID-19 virus. If you have furniture or carpet to disinfect, you should hire a cleanup company that can specialize in disinfecting soft surfaces.

5. Must Be Licensed and Insured

Most importantly, the cleaning company you hire has to be licensed and insured. If the company is licensed, it will follow the proper cleaning procedure to meet the standard for disinfecting surfaces for COVID-19. You can ask the cleaning company for proof of license and insurance to ensure that you will not be responsible for any damage in the event that the worker injured.

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